Long Term Impact

OUDC's signature program, the Social Justice Fellowship, is unique in that it promotes a deep investment with small cohorts and centers social justice education through the lens of the Black and Jewish experiences. Other social justice organizations seek to educate youth; however, OUDC’s yearlong, phased approach to developing youth leaders prioritizes depth of impact over reaching large numbers. OUDC’s program helps youth explore and understand their personal identity, including who they are as people and as emerging leaders. OUDC approaches learning about social justice, racial equity and fairness through an immersive, interactive experience that breaks down barriers for Fellows and allows them to reach a place of vulnerability and deep connection with the members of their cohort. OUDC then builds on the educational and experiential component of the program by helping the Fellows realize themselves as emerging social justice leaders who have the abilities and the confidence to create change in their communities. We position youth as expert leaders to facilitate critical dialogue with their peers and, importantly, adults. In doing so, OUDC expands the overall impact of the program beyond the Fellowship cohort and more broadly into the communities where the Fellows live. OUDC’s substantial impact is evidenced in the data that demonstrates the longevity of Fellows who continue to contribute to social justice movements, both personally and professionally, years after they graduate the program.