Alumni Network

The Social Justice Fellowship has more than 600 alumni spanning 26 cohorts. OUDC’s legacy is not just the immediate impact that the program has on the Fellows, but the immeasurable impact our alumni make in each stage of their lives as they go to college, start families and establish themselves in their careers. Our alumni have gone on to be outspoken leaders in their communities on issues of equity and social justice. 

In 2020 in particular, we’ve heard about our alumni making change through a myriad of efforts at the community level and at the national level. Maryland State Senator Jeff Waldstreicher, of OUDC Class 2, is serving as Vice Chair to the first African American Chair to lead the Maryland Judicial Proceedings Committee. Together, they are analyzing and advocating changes to law to promote criminal justice reform. Jeff said, “Together, we are OUDC in miniature. We seek real reform and just solutions.” Another alumna appeared on PBS News Hour as thought leader on addressing race in the workplace, while yet another is focused on having transformational conversations at the individual level through a bookclub she launched. Some OUDC alumni have moved out of the DMV, but their values and drive to lead change means that they continue to be advocates for justice in their new communities. OUDC alumni are social justice leaders for life, integrating the foundational lessons they learned through the Social Justice Fellowship years after they graduate and continuing to impact countless others through their efforts.