Phase 3: Making History

Leadership Development for the Next Generation of Social Justice Leaders

Phase Three Content and Activity Themes:

  • Through firsthand interactions with current social justice leaders, explore opportunities to leverage personal power to advance equity and justice
  • Explore various types of leadership opportunities and styles/approaches to help Fellows realize themselves as leaders in the movement for social justice
  • Developing and applying communication skills to lead conversations about social justice Developing and applying group facilitation skills
  • Developing concrete social justice advocacy skills, such as digital organizing, leveraging social media to influence change and creating digital content (i.e. - online campaign materials, videos, podcasts, etc.)

Learning Objectives:

  • Fellows will be able to create a discussion guide to facilitate meaningful dialogue with others about social justice issues
  • Fellows will be able to critique communication and facilitation skills to create impactful dialogues about social justice
  • Fellows will be able to synthesize their understanding of current events, their knowledge of effective social justice movements and their concrete advocacy skills to create an action plan to advocate for social justice in their own lives

Outcomes Associated with Phase Three:

  • Improved skills and abilities, including: overall communication skills, leading discussions about social justice
  • Improved readiness to act as a social justice leader, including increased confidence in the following areas: calling out injustices, talking with others about social justice issues, engaging in dialogue with those who are different from me, educating others on challenging injustices