Standing at the site of MLK’s assassination

For me, the most moving place on the journey was the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.  Standing below the balcony where he was shot, I felt a suffocating sense of grief and hopelessness.  But, I realized that hopelessness was not what King would have wanted.  The responsibility he felt for the future was a responsibility each of us must now feel.  

In A Letter from a Birmingham City Jail, King says, “I am here because injustice is here.  I will march on, even if I must march alone.”  This is what I have learned from OUDC.  It has taught me not just to address injustice when I am confronted with it, but to seek it out.  It has also taught me why this is so important.  It is not for praise, fame, or martyrdom.  Rather, it is because one person can walk alone and make a difference.

Kathleen Rubenstein, Class 7