Connecting with Holocaust survivors

Mr. Henry Galler, a Holocaust survivor, told us his story of survival of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland.  He shared his story with so much emotion that I felt as if he had just escaped the camp and I was the first person who heard his incredible, nightmarish story.  He spoke of wanting to return “home” to Poland to revisit the sites of importance to him.  I was so moved by his story of courage and perseverance that I requested that we make the trek together.  Before hearing Mr. Galler, the thought had never crossed my mind to visit Poland but, while I listened, I was called to action.  His story of strength and courage has helped me to realize that I can make it through any situation if I have the will to survive.  Mr. Galler and I have kept in correspondence by letter.  Unfortunately, his health is failing and he will not make it to Poland.

Atiba de Souza, Class 1