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Lew Zuchman and GLASS

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Class 22 had the honor of learning from Lew Zuchman, a Jewish Freedom Rider and the Executive Director of SCAN, a youth empowerment and community improvement program that supports East Harlem and the Bronx. Zuchman grew up under difficult circumstances, and believes the Freedom Rides and the Civil Rights Movement saved his life. One of SCAN’s programs, GLASS (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Supporters) led a panel discussion and Q&A with the students on building inclusive communities.


Julia Chaney-Moss


Students embrace Julia Chaney-Moss, who forged a path of forgiveness and love following the murder of her brother, James Chaney, during 1964’s Freedom Summer.

Crown Heights


Class 22 explored tension and healing between Black and Jewish communities in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Devorah Halberstam shared the story of her son, Ari, who was killed in an act of anti-Semitic terrorism. She’s channeled her grief into a desire to build a more inclusive community, and now trains police officers and runs the Jewish Children’s Museum, built as a memorial to her son.

Richard Green spoke about his role as a mediator during the 1991 Crown Heights Riots, his efforts to build bridges between the Black and Jewish communities, and his work with the Crown Heights Youth Collective.

Eric Etheridge

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After an amazing meal at Katz’s Deli, Class 22 spoke with Eric Etheridge, a photographer who has chronicled the Freedom Riders in his incredible book, “Breach of Peace.”

Boro Park

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Class 22 spent the afternoon in Boro Park, Brooklyn, learning about Hasidic culture at the office of State Senator Simcha Felder.

Lower East Side

Class 22 spent the morning on the Lower East Side, learning about the immigrant experience at the Tenement Museum and through a walking tour of the neighborhood.

And then we let them loose in a candy store…

Like a kid in a candy store...

Like a kid in a candy store…