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Keith Beauchamp


Always time for more learning! Class 22 turns a pizza joint into a classroom to learn from Keith Beauchamp, an award-winning filmmaker whose investigative filmmaking has shed new light onto the Emmett Till murder case.

Jamal Joseph and IMPACT

May the chains that keep us in bondage transform into a chain of kinship that lifts all our voices. And let that chain be unbroken. #OUDC22 was lucky to be inspired by the joy and passion of Jamal Joseph (a former Black Panther and author of Panther Baby) and the students of IMPACT Rep Theater, an incredible justice-based arts program.


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Masjid Malcolm Shabazz


Brother Mujib Manaan speaks with #OUDC22 on the history of Masjid Malcolm Shabazz, originally founded by Malcolm X as the Nation of Islam’s Temple #7. The students participated in Jum’uah, the Friday midday call to prayer.