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The march continues


When asked about the strain of walking to work each day, Montgomery Bus Boycott participant Mother Pollard said, “My feets is tired, but my soul is rested.” After 25 days of following the footsteps of history, #OUDC22 is ready for a nap, but mostly they are tired of injustice and tired of silence. They are ready to create change, and they ain’t gonna let nobody turn them around. Thanks for following us on our journey; let’s continue to walk arm in arm to be the ones we have been waiting for to heal our world.


Highlander Center

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Class 22 concludes Summer Journey programming at the the Highlander Center, where many civil rights activists trained in nonviolence, where “We Shall Overcome” was popularized, and where those committed to freedom continue to gather to bend the arc towards justice.

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Rip Patton


“I asked myself if I really wanted to be a part of this after all of the violence,” Nashville student activist and Freedom Rider Rip Patton said. “But I knew those were my brothers and sisters.” Patton was among the group of Nashville leaders who restarted the rides after initial busses were attacked by mobs in Alabama.

Lorraine Motel


“And they said, we will shoot this dreamer, and see what happens to his dream. You can kill the dreamer–absolutely, you can kill the dreamer–but you cannot kill the dream.”
-Rev. Billy Kyles, witness to the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

National Civil Rights Museum


It’s not just history; it’s personal. As #OUDC22 tours the National Civil Rights Museum, they encounter many faces of heroes who have become our friends, and on whose shoulders we will stand as we continue to march forward for freedom.

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