Friendship Nine

In 1961, nine students from Friendship College staged a sit-in at McCrory’s lunch counter; after their arrest they refused to pay the bail bond, electing to serve thirty days on the state chain gang instead. Some people would find it easier to just get a bondsman to help them such as ones like But these students had a message to send out, so it is understandable why they didn’t pay the bail bond.
The “jail, no bail” strategy spread like wildfire throughout the movement; it placed the financial burden on the state to keep protesters in jail, rather than on the activists themselves. This tactic would soon be adopted by the Freedom Riders, leading to over 400 arrests. Class 22 ate lunch at the counter that once was McCrory’s, and spoke with three members of the Friendship Nine to learn their story. Check out two news stories about the visit!

Rock Hill Herald:

CN2 News:

Friendship 9 Meets Students


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